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This is the tour that hundreds of people are doing in Guatemala. It is an unforgettable experience with breathtaking views, surrounded by nature and life.

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Should You Do This Hike?

This is a journey for you to break free from the mundane, shedding the weight of routine, stress, and worries. Rediscover your inner strength, fostering resilience and confidence. Amidst breathtaking landscapes, leave behind negativity, forging a profound connection with your true self. This experience is not merely an escape; it’s a transformative odyssey, a sanctuary to rejuvenate your spirit and emerge fortified against life’s challenges.

Night Hike to the Acatenango Volcano and the Fuego Volcano, choose the level of adrenaline you are looking for

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8 Reasons to Hike Acatenango Volcano

Volcanic Summit

Reach the awe-inspiring summit of Acatenango, standing at approximately 3,976 meters (13,045 feet) above sea level.


Capture the dramatic landscapes, fiery volcanic activity, and vibrant sunsets, providing ample material for photography enthusiasts.

Diverse Flora and Fauna

Explore the varied ecosystems along the trail, showcasing the unique plant and animal life adapted to volcanic terrain.

Camping at High Altitude

Experience a night of camping on the volcano’s summit, providing a rare opportunity for stargazing and a sunrise to remember.

Group Camaraderie

Forge lasting connections with fellow hikers as you conquer the challenges together, creating shared memories against the backdrop of Acatenango’s majestic scenery.

Lava Show

If you are lucky, you may witness the incredible night spectacle as Volcan de Fuego lights up the sky with its fiery lava eruptions, a unique natural display.

Challenging Hike:

Embrace the physical challenge of ascending Acatenango, navigating through different terrains and elevations, and creating a memorable and rewarding adventure.

Panoramic Views

Marvel at panoramic vistas that include nearby volcanoes, valleys, and Lake Atitlán on clear days.

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